Traveling and Fitness (QUIZ)

Traveling and fitness are not two words that usually go together. When you think of traveling, you probably think of relaxing, indulging in unhealthy food and drinks, and avoiding the gym at all cost. However, there are many reasons to think about fitness while you’re traveling.

First, if you are health-conscious while traveling, you’ll avoid the ill-effects of your vacation decisions. It’s estimated that 61% of travelers gain weight when traveling. By simply being aware of your fitness, you may be able to avoid having that extra slice of pizza or choosing the bar instead of the hiking trail.

Second, you may actually have a better vacation if you are more active. Participating in outdoor activities like biking, canoeing, or swimming can be a fun and exhilarating way to spend your time while on vacation. Not only will you enjoy yourself, but you also stand to get a great workout, too.

Finally, you should think about your fitness while traveling because your health shouldn’t take a day off. Regardless of whether you’re on vacation or not, you should make decisions that have your health and fitness in mind. Traveling is no excuse for poor choices as it relates to your health.

If you’re planning a trip or just want to test your fitness knowledge, try the quiz below from Health IQ.